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We help your mind achieve optimum clarity and focus with ingredients that nourish your brain and support your underlying health.

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Nourish Your Brain & Support Health

Boost Energy Levels

Boost Energy Levels

By using our brain health supplements, you’ll gain a natural boost in energy.
Nourish Your Brain

Nourish Your Brain

Our premium quality herbs promote brain function in numerous areas.
Promote Focus & Clarity

Promote Focus & Clarity

Our supplements give you a mental edge which enhances productivity.
100% Vegan Friendly

100% Vegan Friendly

Our premium quality ingredients contain NO animal products whatsoever.

The Power of Nature

Our scientifically formulated supplements feature potent ingredients that utilise the power of nature. These include pine bark extract, grape vine extract, iodine, blueberry, B vitamins, cacao, and panax ginseng.

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Our Supplements Support Improved Brain Health for All People

Earth 2 Brain health supplements and nootropics are cognitive supplements designed to nourish your brain, naturally boost energy levels, support overall health, and promote optimal mental clarity and focus.

By relying on the power of ingredients sourced straight from nature, our supplements provide a natural energy boost without the crash.

Our premium quality herbs promote brain function in numerous areas and are formulated to help:

We treat all types of people
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Promote energy levels naturally through ingredients harnessed straight from nature

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Promote mental clarity and focus

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Promote enhanced productivity

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Support brain health

What Are Nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements intended to help improve cognitive function, memory, motivation, and creativity in individuals.

For decades both science and health industries have searched for a way to improve cognitive function and maximise our brain’s potential, and Earth 2 Brain’s bioactive, advanced herbal formulas are designed to do just that.

Earth 2 Brain’s premium nootropic formulas are:

E2B Vital Mind cognitive supplement brain vitamin
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100% vegan friendly (no animal products whatsoever)
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Formulated with only the highest quality ingredients
E2B Vital Mind
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Designed to naturally support energy levels without harsh stimulants
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Designed to alleviate relief from symptoms of stress
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Who Can Benefit From Nootropics from Earth 2 Brain?

Our premium quality, 100% vegan-friendly supplements are intended for all walks of life. Whether you are looking for support through busy workdays, wanting to maximise your efforts at the gym, or needing a steady boost of energy during long hours in class, our scientifically designed formulas feature ingredients designed to support and fuel your body.

E2B Vital Mind
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Looking to stay focused, alert, and on top of your game during busy days at the office? Earth 2 Brain’s powerful, carefully formulated supplements can help support mental clarity, concentration, creativity, and energy to help you thrive even on long workdays.
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If pushing harder and maximixing your performance during competition is a priority to you, Earth 2 Brain’s formulas feature ingredients to help support, fuel, and naturally energise your brain power so you can strive for your highest potential.
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Wanting to push yourself harder in the gym and promote faster recovery? Earth 2 Brain’s formulas are ideal for athletes looking to support their body’s natural recovery process and get closer to achieving their fitness goals.
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Busy days, project deadlines, and long hours of studying require mental stamina, focus, and clarity. With targeted, powerful ingredients, Earth 2 Brain nootropics are designed to help students reach their full potential as they pursue their dreams.

I believe that it is thanks to Earth2Brain that I was able to work at the end of a tiring day. During the day I was also able to focus for longer periods of time and be relatively stress-free.

I can recommend this product for people working in stressful jobs as it gives you that little extra that you need to perform at your peak for longer.

- Adrien Creuzot, Teacher and dad

Adrien holding earth 2 brain nootropics brain health

The most monumental change for me happened around two weeks after beginning, my mood had generally improved and situations that would normally feel overbearing or stressful would no longer trigger the same emotion.

- Dominic Smith, Business Owner

Dom Smith

After a week of use I noticed the most amazing thing. I realised my sense of well being, self and mood felt really neutral and zen like. Things that would generally cause me to become overwhelmed, stressed or irritated just seem to feel irrelevant.

- Andrew Davey, Corporate Trainer & Coach

Adrew Davey

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35 %

of Australians are affected by stress

131.5 M

people expected to suffer dementia globally by 2050

55 %

of Americans are affected by stress

100 %

of our ingredients are backed by clinical studies

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