Frequently Asked Questions

What Does ‘nootropic’ Mean?

The word is derived from the Greek nous (“mind”) and trepein (“to bend” or “turn”), literally meaning “mind-turning”.

Romanian psychologist and chemist Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea, the founding father of nootropics in the 1960’s, wrote the original descriptive criteria for what he thought would qualify as a nootropic:

  1. Enhancement of memory and learning
  2. Improved cognition under stress
  3. Protection of brain cells (neuroprotective)
  4. Facilitation of cell-to-cell communication
  5. Backed by human research demonstrating brain bioactivity
  6. Absence of usual pharmacological effects of psychotropic drugs

Is a ‘nootropic’ Different to a ‘smart Drug’?

Any substance that can enhance brain function can be described as a ‘nootropic’ and are either naturally-derived compounds, or pharmaceuticals which are also known as a ‘smart drugs’ usually given by prescription for a specific medical reason, and usually only targets one area of the brain and one set of functions, without cumulative benefit. Natural nootropics have a broader functional scope, are much safer, and can facilitate neural regeneration and protection whereas synthetic drugs cannot.

Are Nootropics Just the Latest Trend?

The use of natural nootropics is definitely on the rise, but they are nothing new. Historically, many natural substances have been used for thousands of years to support brain health and function. Recent research now supports and extends upon what many people have known for centuries and this information helps us formulate products to offer a wide range of benefits.

How Do Nootropics Work?

As well as direct cognition enhancement through increased circulation, energy metabolism and neuronal growth, several other brain biopathways need support, for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection, for regeneration and for neurotransmitter and brainwave production. Natural substances can each support multiple areas but it’s best to stack several together synergistically to achieve the full complement of brain activity.

Why Are Your Ingredients and Formulations Superior to Many Other Brands?

There are significant variations in the quality of supplements available on the market. All herb and nutrient sources differ in quality, extraction methods and active compounds. We are dedicated to sourcing only premium ingredients rich in beneficial compounds for all of our products to maximise your brain health potential. We like to utilise restorative and regenerative ingredients in our formulations that don’t compromise overall balance within the body.

Why Is It Better to Support Whole Brain Health Without Relying on Stimulants Like Caffeine?

Whilst caffeine can temporarily increase concentration and energy metabolism within the brain, it slows blood flow to the brain and does not have long-term brain benefits. Caffeine can be very depletive to the energy reserves of the body, which can limit our cognitive faculties over time.

Can I Also Drink Coffee or Tea Whilst Taking These Products?

Yes, most people who are usually able to tolerate natural caffeine-containing beverages can still consume coffee or tea, but we recommend keeping consumption of these to a minimum in order to support brain health. We don’t recommend the use of isolated caffeine-containing ‘energy’ drinks.

Will I Feel the Effects the Same Day? How Long Do They Take to Start Working?

Many people will feel the effects after the first dose, some people need a few days or up to a couple of weeks to experience benefits. When taken for several consecutive weeks, the brain strengthens and benefits increase.

What Will I Notice and How I Will I Know if It’s Working?

Most people report they are able to focus, concentrate, learn and retain information better. Mental energy should increase, and you may feel like you can handle your workload better with less stress and greater ease. Some people report feeling fresher, clearer and more energised. These are all signs your body is responding positively to the therapeutic compounds in our products. If you are one of those people who doesn’t easily notice effects from supplementation, rest assured it is likely that some internal benefits are occurring and it may take a little longer before you can feel it.

Are There Any Side Effects From Your Products?

Our products are made from all-natural products, however just like with any substance, in rare instances there can be undesired effects. In this case, discontinue use. Some people may find some of the therapeutic compounds slightly astringent for the stomach, therefore taking them with food is recommended and should alleviate this issue. Discontinue use if symptoms persist.

How Long Do I Need to Take Them for?

We generally recommend that you can take each product for 12 weeks straight for maximum benefit, then you can switch to one of our other products as a well-rounded and complementary approach to brain health. After a few weeks’ break, you can go back on the same product for another round.

Can I Take These While on Medications?

If you are on any medications (including naturopathic medicine) you will need to check with your physician whether they are suitable for you. Even though our supplements are natural, they are biologically active in the body and can interact with some medications.

Can I Take These at Night if I Need to Stay Up Late?

We don’t recommend you take our products at night, as it can disrupt the natural circadian rhythm of the body. One of the many benefits of our products is that you should notice an increase in your overall mental energy over the day and into the evening as required.

Can I Take Earth 2 Brain Products While Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

No, we do not recommend using our products during these maternal stages. A qualified naturopath should be able to guide you in what natural products are safe for you at this time.

Can They Help With ADD/ADHD?

While our products are not designed to treat any specific condition, many people with difficulty keeping focus and concentration find significant improvement with select Earth 2 Brain products. Our products are designed to enhance the pathways and structures that effect these faculties and reduce inflammation in the brain associated with these disorders that can inhibit optimal brain function.

Are These Supplements Suitable for Children / Under 18?

We advise that only our childrens’ range of supplements [in development – coming soon] be taken for those under 18 years of age. Panax ginseng, for example, (an ingredient in Earth 2 Brain Vital Mind) is generally contraindicated for youth because the body should be fully developed before using it.
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