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Whether your primary focus is professional, academic, athletic or competitive, you know how vitally important it is that your brain be functioning at its most optimum levels, particularly as you age.

Modern life is stressful – the pressures, the deadlines, the workload, the complexity of balancing a career and relationships, and the physical decline of ageing. All of this affects our mind’s ability to get the job done well.

As you go about your day to day work and life, you might struggle –

  • to stay focused
  • to be productive
  • to handle challenges
  • to meet deadlines
  • to be present with your family and friends
  • to switch off

Maybe you’re even beginning to wonder if you are heading for burnout, and the effects of your cognitive challenges are reaching into every area of your life, even your relationships.

You are not alone.

Stress is a widespread modern condition which affects our brains and how we function on a day to day basis. So many people battle for concentration, clarity, focus and then feel discouraged by their attempts to get back on track.

That is why we have created a world first natural solution – E2B Vital Mind®. Yes, we are in the business of creating cutting edge nootropics – supplements for enhancing cognitive function.

But we are about much more than that – we are all about brain health to support the whole body.

Not all nootropics have the same effects or the same benefits.

We – the creators of E2B Vital Mind® – knew from ours and others’ experiences, as well as from our extensive research, that we needed to create a solution which went above and beyond what’s out there already.

Perhaps you’ve had the experience of trying a nootropic and it not working, or it having only short-term effects for acute symptoms.

Yes, we have too. So we set ourselves an ambitious goal and created E2B Vital Mind® to support your brain health in these unique ways:

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E2B Vital Mind® does contain stimulants.

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All of the ingredients work well together.

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E2B Vital Mind®promotes whole body health (including cardiovascular system, not just the mind).

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It promotes neuronal growth to help prevent cognitive decline as a result of environmental factors as well as ageing.



Our formulation prioritises quality over quantity. We chose our four key ingredients to maximise results. (FYI, putting lots of ingredients in one capsule usually means less potency).

Whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur, a competitor, an athlete or a student, with E2B Vital Mind® your mind can become your ally in ALL of your endeavours.

E2B Vital Mind® supports you to

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Be focused, clear, engaged and present in all your life.

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All of the ingredients work well together.



Enjoy the experience of learning and creativity with a mind that comes up with new ideas more readily and retains information better.

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Feel prepared for both your daily routine and any unexpected challenges.

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Enjoy mental resilience, enhancing your peace of mind.

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Relax knowing that your brain is increasingly repairing and renewing at a neuronal level.

Imagine the feeling of freedom and flow when your mind is your ally, be it in your professional pursuits, your academic life, in competitive situations or in your personal life.

E2B Vital Mind® targets the whole body and brain in order to improve your functioning in these specific areas:

  • ENHANCED MENTAL POTENTIAL Improvement of executive functions – concentration, focus, alertness, clarity, mental endurance
  • IMPROVED LEARNING & MEMORY Better information retention, medium-term memory and short-term recall
  • NATURAL STRESS MANAGEMENT Reduced mental stress and fatigue and increased resilience when under pressure or contending with unexpected events
  • AGEING WITH CONFIDENCE Prevention of age-related cognitive decline
  • IMPROVED WHOLE BODY HEALTH Support for whole body health, including vitality

Naturally Grown. Scientifically Shown

Our ingredients are premium quality, scientifically proven, synergistic and promote whole-body health.

Bacopa (brahmi) promotes brain repair, neuronal growth, stress resistance, enhances calm and focus, and helps the brain to produce antioxidants.

Pine Bark increases whole body circulation (including brain blood flow), promotes increased mental energy, supports brain repair, is anti-inflammatory and is an antioxidant.

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Grape is neuroprotective (reducing cognitive decline with ageing), improves focus and memory, mood, and is an antioxidant.

Panax Ginseng is a brain and nervous system tonic, is anti-fatigue, mood-enhancing, is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, increases cerebral blood flow and enhances learning and memory retention.

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