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6 Interesting Ways E2B Vital Mind Can Improve Your Mental & Physical Performance

“As You Think … So You Shall Become’ – Bruce Lee

Your brain needs to be on point for the body to follow suit!

For those who expect the best from their training regime, E2B Vital Mind delivers key compounds to help achieve a stronger mind-body relationship and provide physical benefits for peak performance.

Drawing upon the scientific evidence behind our four natural ingredients (bacopa monnieri, pine bark, grape vine extract and panax ginseng), this blog highlights a sequence of some of the performance benefits you may experience taking Vital Mind.

*Please note, we have referenced all the science behind these claims at the end of the blog. In the text, you will see the numbers [1,2, etc]. These numbers refer to studies listed at the end of this post.

#1 All Day Energy 

The first thing you are likely to experience is increased and sustained energy throughout the day and during your training regime. With this increased energy, you have the opportunity to increase your productivity and output:

⇨ Increased mental energy – for concentration, focus, mindset and positive mood [1, 2]

⇨ Increased physical stamina – E2B Vital Mind is an ‘actoprotector’ providing greater body stability against physical loads without increasing oxygen consumption or heat production, thereby increasing the efficiency factor [2, 3, 4]

⇨ Anti-fatigue and adaptogenic factors – for sustained energy, endurance and resilience [2, 4]

#2 Mental Clarity 

When you lift the brain fog you can immediately move towards a better state of clarity and flow. A clearer perspective gives us a stronger sense of self, feeling more in control of your mind and what you want to achieve:

⇨ Clearer intentions and positive goal-setting [5]

⇨ Better focus, concentration and smoother thought processes [1, 2, 5, 6]

⇨ Promotes positive mood – through modulation of key neurotransmitters [1, 2, 5, 6]

#3 Mindset Matters

Through better clarity of mind, a healthy mindset is now on the horizon. Sometimes, mental blocks hinder your physical progress and motivation can wane. E2B Vital Mind can unlock the mental energy to help you:

⇨ Find your motivation – your natural drive to succeed can be activated [2, 5] 

⇨ Overcome mind blocks – moving beyond what is holding you back from achieving your best [1, 5]

⇨ Experience deeper meditation – calm mental chatter and get ‘into the zone’ more easily [5]

#4 Reach Your Personal Bests

With a healthy mindset you are feeling more confident and self-aware. An essential part of achieving peak performance is to track your progress and enjoy the journey. Healthy challenges give you purpose and direction, so that you can feel pumped about your achievements:

⇨ Stronger sense of self – to naturally drive you towards achieving your personal best [1, 2, 6] 

⇨ Controlled action – through better focus, mind-body coordination and precision [1, 2, 5]

⇨ Get a competitive edge – using natural compounds to maximise your advantage [1-11]

#5 Improve Vital Processes

As E2B Vital Mind is not only a brain tonic, it extends its physical benefits to those training the entire physical body as well. High output comes with the downside of high oxidative stress and other changes in biomarkers that show increased strain on the body’s resources. This can be buffered by:

⇨ Providing potent antioxidants – to quench the damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) caused by free radical levels exceeding the cellular antioxidant capacity [3, 7, 8]

⇨ Increasing nitrous oxide production – enhance oxygen delivery and blood flow throughout the cardiopulmonary and musculoskeletal systems [3, 4, 9]

⇨ Assisting energy metabolism and use of energy sources [4, 9, 10]

#6 Get Faster Recovery

Better delivery of nutrients and antioxidants for increased circulation and oxygenation, means all muscles, organs and tissues involved in training can work more efficiently during and after physical output:

⇨ Improve post-recovery periods, reduce soreness and fatigue [3, 4, 7, 9, 11]

⇨ Increased rate of repair and improve the ability of muscle and other tissues to heal and adapt [3, 9,11]

⇨ Decreased risk of injury and down-time [3, 4, 9, 11]

E2B Vital Mind is here to help you achieve your performance and fitness goals, harnessing the positive effects of nature’s bounty of beneficial compounds. We want you to feel and perform at your best while supporting whole body health… because it’s a WIN / WIN ? 

*Please note, please take only as directed (two capsules per day in the morning).


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