Our Story - Earth 2 Brain Natural Nootropics

Why we created this company

Long before we created Brain Health Products, we understood the detrimental effects that modern lifestyle challenges have on the brain’s day to day functioning. In juggling our professional roles with our family responsibilities, we each in our own ways battled brain fog and struggled for mental focus and concentration.

We discovered in conversation one day that we were also united by our determination to find a solution.

As it turned out, we shared a common vision: to go beyond simply redressing the ravages of stress on our brains. We wanted to create a solution that harnessed our brain’s natural potential and enhanced it, in order to support our minds to become the best allies possible in living an outstanding life.

We wanted MORE out of life.

We wanted to have a competitive edge, to feel prepared and ready to go in any situation, and to feel more centred and adaptable to challenges as they arose.

We wanted, every day, to get the most out of our day, from productivity to presence and calm.

We also desired to improve long term brain health through natural solutions, and we knew we could find a way to create this in the form of scientifically proven supplementation.

We value natural solutions for whole-body health.

We – Brain Health Products directors Jay Stephenson, Melanie Smith, and Michelle Dixon – all value natural solutions and think outside the allopathic model.

We believe in the power of natural remedies to do more than provide immediate relief to the mind.

We support solutions that are restorative for the whole body, and which optimize results over time.

Not to mention, we value a life that is outstanding in all of its parts. We knew we had to create something which not only supports high-performing professionals and students, and which assists ageing brains, but one which also supports everyone to be more present, grounded, and emotionally available to those we love.

Our intentions matched our big vision.

As we began our process of product development under the wise guidance of Melanie Smith, our naturopathic nutritionist, we shared a compelling underlying intention that we be supported by science all the way.

We were determined to draw on cutting edge, scientifically substantiated research in order to create a natural solution for the problems of modern brains dealing with the stressors of day to day life.

A Turning Point

Early on, we found that some herbs which are good for the brain may not be good for the whole body. It was a stumbling block, because our values were firmly rooted in whole-body wellness.

We had to narrow our search to find herbs that optimize both the brain and the body, including promoting vitality and resilience. To that end, we involved top minds in the naturopathic nutrition field (our advisors at the Natural Product Centre) to research premium quality ingredients –

1. That work well synergistically;
2. Which each had multiple benefits (rather than just one benefit per herb);
3. Which support whole body health (brain, cardiovascular system, and more); and
4. That suit a broad range of individuals, so they are well-tolerated by the vast majority of the public.

The Result

Not only have we created a company and brand grounded in our values and intentions, now we have a range of supplements which have exactly the effects we intended.

Our supplements improve brain health and contribute to whole body wellness, so that the mind becomes an ally in living the best life possible.

Our E2B (Earth2Brain) range

  • Improves a range of cognitive functions, not just one or two – from mood to executive function (memory, focus, concentration, learning, and recall), recharging, replenishing, and reconditioning the brain to support whole brain health and function;
  • Nourishes underlying brain health by actually promoting the production of new neurons (neuronal growth);
  • Nourishes whole-body health (including the cardiovascular system);
  • Does not rely on stimulants (because many nootropics rely on caffeine, which has only short-lived benefits);
  • Has cumulative benefits, e.g. there is improved health and function over time.

Our supplements are

  • Created from premium quality nootropic ingredients;
  • Are scientifically substantiated by cutting edge current research;
  • Come in a range of formulations, so that customers can customize their requirements (focusing on one area of support) rather than putting so many ingredients in ONE product with the result that the product is not optimally effective in the desired area.
  • Are well-tolerated and suitable for the general population with minimal risk of side effects and minimal potential for interactions with medications.

Introducing E2B Vital Mind®

Needless to say, we have achieved all that we set out to achieve with our flagship range of supplements, E2B Vital Mind®.

So, let us ask you this:

What if you COULD do all things you want to do in a day? Tick everything off your list with time to spare? Feel prepared and in control – cool, calm and collected while you do it?

What if you felt like – you have the support you need to feel like you’ve got it covered.

With E2B Vital Mind®, now you can!

For more insight, watch the replay of our webinar <<here>>!

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