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Our advisors are top experts in the natural health and wellness fields and we use only the highest quality ingredients. We are proudly associated with the following:


Biopanax™ is a patented, clinically tested and certified organic extract of Panax ginseng which has definite advantages over traditional panax ginseng. Aside from being certified organic, it is derived exclusively from the ginseng root – the medicinally important part of the plant, and it is standardised to ginsenosides which are the major active components of ginseng. Panax ginseng is a herb which is normally characterized by a high level of environmental contaminants. However, biopanax™ has been analytically tested to ensure consistent potency and purity that is well above industry standards.


BacoMind® is a patented, clinically tested ’memory and cognition enhancing’ standardised phytochemical compound which contains a unique full-spectrum extract of bacopa monnieri. It contains 9 different bioactive ingredients of this herb which have been uniquely extracted using a highly effective ‘soft extraction process’ which retains active ingredients. BacoMind® is used for improving memory and age related neurodegenerative disorders and is backed by 20 publications.

NPC – Natural Product Centre

The Natural Product Centre Pty Ltd (NPC) provides product development services and natural healthcare expertise to the thriving natural products industry. NPC have been advisors [Chris, perhaps link this to the brain health site board of advisors page that has Abby, etc.?] to Brain Health Products since our inception, assisting us at every stage of ideation and production, to ensure that our supplements contain the highest quality ingredients in the most effective combination and quantities.

'After two weeks on Earth2Brain I noticed an impressive difference in my ability to concentrate and do mental tasks for longer.'

Carlos Sabater, Aircraft Engineer

'The most monumental change for me happened around two weeks after beginning, my mood had generally improved and situations that would normally feel overbearing or stressful would no longer trigger the same emotion.'

Dominic Smith, Business Owner

'I believe that it is thanks to Earth2Brain that I was able to work at the end of a tiring day. During the day I was also able to focus for longer periods of time and be relatively stress-free.'

Adrien Creuzot, teacher and dad

'After a week of use I noticed the most amazing thing. I realised my sense of well being, self and mood felt really neutral and zen like. Things that would generally cause me to become overwhelmed, stressed or irritated just seem to feel irrelevant.'

Andrew Davey, Corporate Trainer & Coach

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