5 Unexpected Benefits of Taking Herbs to Banish Brain Fog


The best nootropics do much more for you than simply relieve symptoms.

There are a percentage of people who are interested in ‘neurohacking’ – that is, they are driven by a desire to optimise their mental performance and maximise their cognitive potential. However, the majority of people come to the concept of supplementation for brain health because they are suffering and desire relief. 

Whether you have brain fog or memory problems or whether you have concerns about dementia or are under extreme stress, it’s frightening to feel like your mind isn’t working as well as it should or could.

Let’s face it, when your experience is that your brain is literally unable to get the job done, whether with work, studies, competition, or more generally – your first priority is to be able to think clearly again. Naturally, this pain informs your search for the best nootropics. Rarely do people think beyond relief (unless you are already someone who is into neurohacking).

Yet, once you are experiencing focus, endurance, improved memory and mental responsiveness, and are feeling calm and in control again, there ARE even more transformations you can expect. 

As nootropics experts, we can assure you that the results you experience from taking supplements for brain health have secondary benefits across all of your life. In short, when your brain is happy and healthy, your entire life is transformed.

Here are five unexpected benefits of using nootropics.

#1 The best nootropics also serve as an overall, whole body natural stress relief.

Stress shrinks the brain and lowers our ability to cope with adversity. The best nootropics (the herbal, non pharmacological ones, and definitely not ALL of them), contain adaptogens which short-circuit the body’s overall stress response.

Adaptogen herbs like brahmi (bacopa monnieri), a key ingredient in E2B Vital Mind, for example, actually blunt brain chemicals that normally spike in response to stress. Some studies have even shown that when it comes to relieving anxiety, bacopa monnieri has a significant advantage because it promotes mental activity rather than having the sedative effects of many conventional pharmacological options. 

Panax ginseng is another common nootropic ingredient which acts as a balancing tonic because of how it can either stimulate or relax the nervous system, depending on what the body needs. This age-old ‘cure-all’ has a reputation for promoting a calmer nervous system in addition to having anti-ageing benefits, and has been the subject of more than a thousand research papers. 

#2 Once relieved of the most acute symptoms of brain fog, you will have the confidence to handle anything that life throws at you.

Having a scattered, unfocused mind wreaks havoc with confidence. Whether or not you are an athlete, a competitor, or just a normal person grappling with day to day work obligations, performance expectations can feel especially unsettling when the brain is fuzzy. 

The experience of those taking nootropics is often reported to be ‘a feeling of mental competence.’ This is, of course, in stark contrast to the self-doubt which comes with poor concentration and memory, not to mention the worry accompanying more pronounced symptoms. 

This clear secondary benefit of taking nootropics – restored confidence – can spill into all areas of life, from personal relationships, to creative endeavours. 

#3 Nootropics can help you feel able to be fully present in all of your life – especially with loved ones.

It’s an often overlooked fact that suffering in any form can occupy so much of our attention that we fail to engage with those closest to us – our partners, our family and even our friends. 

There is a genuine all-pervasive experience of distraction which results from brain fog, memory problems and the accumulated stress of performance anxiety. 

When our minds are not being reliable allies in our life tasks, it’s really difficult to be present or engaged in our relationships, and quite easy to miss meaningful moments of connection.

By using nootropics to support reliable cognitive abilities, you are are more likely to have the mental energy to cultivate and contribute to the relationships that mean the most to you.

#4 Nootropics may help prevent neuronal decline (the death of neurons) – e.g., cognitive decline as a result of ageing.

There is a great deal of research about bioactive ingredients in nootropics which specifically prevent ageing-related dementia symptoms. In fact, all four ingredients in our flagship supplement, E2B Vital Mind, work through different pathways to support the brain, in varying ways, to remain resilient and to support processes which result in preventing cognitive decline.

Here are just a few ways that nootropics prevent cognitive decline: 

  • They can provide antioxidants to nourish the brain and to prevent free radicals from damaging healthy neurons; 
  • They can stimulate the growth of new neurons;
  • They can promote blood flow in the brain and thus strengthen connectivity (which helps with memory, for example); 
  • They can protect the brain from harmful chemicals which have been linked to diseases like Alzheimer’s. 

#5 When you take nootropics, you are a pioneer, showing others the way forward for long-term brain health.

Biohacking and neurohacking are all about using whatever means are available to improve biological and brain processes in order to maximise human potential. 

Nootropics is a part of this trend, and it’s one that is at the frontier of science, health and human potential. 

Life is ever more complex in its challenges, but as complexity deepens in our lives, so too does science rise to the challenge, identifying new avenues for improving upon our quality of life so that we can achieve our dreams. 

Natural supplementation is part of this innovation, and one Earth 2 Brain is part of as we keep creating new combinations of bioactive ingredients to support different areas of brain health. 

Some of the most inspiring people are the forward-thinking ones, not in the least because they are the ones who pave the way of the future by showing others what is possible. When you begin to take your brain health seriously enough to investigate natural supplements, you role model possibility for others. Fortunately, you are not alone, and can find others like you to share the journey (more on this below regarding our community).

Living your best life

There is much more to nootropics than acute symptom relief. 

Having a mental edge is helpful, but clearheadedness and improved memory are only a small part of the larger life improvement on offer. 

When suffering from brain fog and just searching for natural stress relief, it’s difficult to see beyond the challenges to the possibilities on offer from the bioactive, synergistic ingredients in natural nootropics. 

Perhaps this is because our brains are so integral to our perception that we actually take for granted how something like brain fog is affecting our connections to others, our overall health, and confidence in every area of our lives. 

Not to mention, those subtle signs of ageing really can sneak up on us!

In fact, speaking now as the directors of Brain Health Products, it was our drive for a vastly improved quality of life that motivated us to create our E2B product range. You can read Our Story here. 

Our mission is simple: 

We help professionals, students, athletes and the ageing population achieve more focus, clarity, endurance and resilience, so that their mind is their ally in supporting them to live the best life possible. 

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